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The Mundan Ceremony, also known as Putturukulu, Chudakarna, or Tonsuring Ceremony in Indian culture, is an invitation for your baby’s first haircut! It’s a sacred tradition combining blessings and prayers at holy locations like temples or rivers with the whole family. People typically invite their family & friends to this event using platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Email.


According to Hindu religion :

The importance of the Mundan Ceremony varies based on religion. For Hindus, it’s a significant ceremony believed to cleanse the baby of negative traits from past lives. This ritual occurs between the ages of 1 to 3 years to promote auspiciousness and uniqueness in the child’s life.

During the Mundan ceremony, priests often recite mantras while cutting the baby’s hair.
This process symbolizes purity and protection from negative emotions. Many Hindu traditions prefer conducting these ceremonies in sacred spots like Haridwar or Tirupati for added spiritual significance.

In some Hindu traditions, Mundan ceremony coincide with thread ceremonies for teenagers. This joint event involves priests performing rituals and guests witnessing the sacred observances. The thread ceremony marks an important milestone in a boy’s life as he commits to lifelong values and beliefs symbolized by wearing a holy thread.

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