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Mundan Ceremony is also called as Puttuventrukulu, Chudakarna or Tonsuring Ceremony in Indiana culture.
It’s an Invitation for your Baby’s first haircut! Mundan or tonsuring ceremony in India is a unique sacred traditional ritual in a baby’s life. This ritual is a combination of blessings and prayers organized at holy places like temples, rivers, etc. with the entire family. For this occasion people invite their guests family & friends sending online invitations via WhatsApp, Facebook, instagram Email,etc.

Importance of Mundan Ceremony

According to their religion :
Mundan ceremony is also called as Tonsuring, Chaula, Choodakarana & Kesi Dahi ceremony etc in various part of India.It is one of the important ceremonies for Hindu’s, According to the Hindu mythology the hair from the birth has associated with unwanted traits which come from past lives. So, to avoid these nasty characteristics Mundan ceremony will celebrate to their baby in between the age of 1-3 years generally in temples.This ritual looks auspicious and unique when compared to other rituals. It will happen when the priest starts chanting mantras.
Tradition and rituals for mundan ceremony :
In some traditions, the priest will cut a bit of the baby’s hair while chanting the mantras. That will be continued by the barber till clean shave of the head’s hair. In Hindu tradition, most of these rituals will happen in some auspicious places like Haridwar, Kasi, Tirupati etc. They believe that this ceremony will keep away from of the four passions of the human mind i.e. Kama(lust), krodh lobha ,moh . Even when you think of modern science, the mundan is a healthy thing which helps to grow healthy hair for the baby.

Mundan Ceremony Along With Thread Ceremony:

In some traditions of Hinduism in India, the Mundan ceremony will takes place along with thread ceremony. This is also an auspicious ritual for the Hindus livingin india, which is held to a teenager. This will be processed while many priests will pronounce the hymns and mantras in front of yajna. Most of the guests are invited to this Mundan ritual. While this thread ceremony the teenage guy will wear a holy thread on his body for the whole lifeaftertheritualperformed. This thread ceremony will be celebrated only for boys. mostly Before this ceremony, the Mundan ritual will be done .
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Browse our beautiful selection of customizable designs for Mundan Ceremony. If you are planning Mundan Ceremony theme party for family & friends, guest , colleagues you love or care about, check out our collection of Mundan Ceremony invitations to take your pick!
For Mundan Ceremony theme and more happy celebrations, we have many unique invitation designs for you to choose from. You may select & download and send your invitation through WhatsApp, email, Facebook and other social platforms.

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