Traditional Death ceremony invitation cards/ Shok Sandesh Cards: Tervi / Shradhanjali card

Are you searching for the perfect death ceremony invitation or shok sandesh card to honour your loved one’s on funeral? Look no further! Our collection for 2024 features traditional designs of shok sandesh invitations which will fulfil the invitation needs. From elegant floral patterns to timeless minimalist styles, we have something for every taste and preference.

Customizable Options for a new design of your Shok Sandesh invitation

Share Shok Sandesh invitation cards by personalizing your death ceremony invitation or Shok Sandesh card. Add the deceased name, date of birth and passing, along with a heartfelt message to truly capture the essence of the occasion. With our easy-to-use customization tool, you can create a one-of-a-kind card that reflects your unique connection with the departed.

Express Your Condolences in Multiple Languages

Language should never be a barrier when expressing your condolences to the deceased. We will prepare the death ceremony invitation in multiple languages like shok sandesh in Marathi, shok sandesh card in Hindi, Death ceremony invitation in Telugu, or shok sandesh card in Hindi. You can choose from our wide range of shok sandesh formats. You can also download the Shok Sandesh card in Hindi or Shok Sandesh card in Hindi. Our death ceremony invitations and shok sandesh cards are available in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Telugu and Marathi. Whether you prefer a shok patra or a shok sandesh in Hindi word format, we have you covered. Choose the language that resonates most with you and convey your heartfelt condolences with ease.

What are you waiting for? Personalized Death Ceremony Invitations & Shok Sandesh Cards. Choose from a variety of stunning designs and customizable options for death ceremony invitations and shok sandesh cards available in multiple languages. Honour your loved one’s memory with a unique collection of death anniversary invitations.

FAQ Related to shok sandesh card

What role play for shok sandesh card in Hindu culture?

In Hindu culture, Shok sandesh is used to notify the death of a person or family member. The primary use of a shok sandesh card is to inform family, relatives, friends, and the community about the death of a loved one. Its is also used to express of respect and Condolence expression of the family’s grief and a request for the community to join them in mourning.

How can we make a shok sandesh card format?

A Shok Sandesh card contains the title “Shok Sandesh” or “Condolence Message,” the deceased’s name, a photo (optional), date and time of death, age, and relation to the family. It includes condolence messages, details about the funeral and prayer meetings (dates, times, venues), names of close family members, contact information, and a closing note of gratitude or a request for prayers and support.

How can we download Shok Sandesh card format Word and PDF for free

You can download free Shok Sandesh card formats in Word and PDF from various online template websites. One of the best websites is Marriage Thrills which provides a large collection of Shok Sandesh invitation cards. Simply search for “Shok Sandesh” in the website’s search bar and choose the best design you like. Select a suitable design, and follow the download instructions to get the templates for free.

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