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The fast story of Lord Satyanarayan is a well-known story for the believers of the Hindu religion. There are innumerable followers of this story all over India, who regularly observe and parayan this story and fast. Shree Satyanarayan Vrat-Poojan is done mainly on Poornima and also on Thursdays. The legend of Lord Shri Satyanarayan has been mentioned in the Revakhand of Puranic scriptures and Skanda Purana.This story, fulfilling all kinds of desires, proves its usefulness in many ways. This story teaches the truth of truth to all sections of the society.

Significance (Satyanarayan Vrat Importance) –
According to the scriptures, if a person of any section of society listens to this fast and story with devotion, considering the truth as God, then he definitely gets the desired result from it.

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